eFMLA: Paperless FMLA Paperwork

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 eFMLA takes the mystery out of FMLA management.


Replace your organization's time-consuming, paper-intensive and often confusing FMLA administration with a streamlined, online solution.

As the first and only service of its kind, eFMLA enables you to customize, complete and route all your FMLA forms electronically.

  • FMLA-required forms and notices that can be customized to reflect each organization's unique policies and procedures
  • eFMLA Data Management of all FMLA-related information and documents
  • Online tracking & monitoring of all FMLA leave usage and balances
  • Electronic processing of paperwork with employees and health care providers
  • Reference tips and explanations
  • 24/7 Secure Access


Check out these key features!


Learn more at our Website: eFMLA