Package Includes:

  • A Complete 16-page SmartPhone Optimized Marketing Program
  • QR codes for you to use throughout your Display
  • Automatic Follow-up email to prospects can include additional information, PDF files, etc.
  • Analytics so you can track who's been to your SmartPhone website
  • Code to auto-route your existing website to the SmartPhone site when mobile users access your URL
  • Options to update your site for general marketing or other special events!

Additional Options Available!

Make the most of your Marketing investment.

Draw visitors to your website and gather leads!

We're here to help you succeed.

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A Fun and Smart way to connect with prospects.  Plus, it’s fully automated!
  • Promote your Business.
  • Sell your Services.
  • Easy Follow-up.
Less Prospecting, Better Client Service

Not a bad combination.  Triskele Tehcnologies can help you increase your incoming sales traffic - that means less prospecting, better return on your marketing and, bets of all, we can help you improve customer service - by letting them access the information they need, faster and more effectively than if they had to call in.

That means your sales team can spend more quality time working interacting with prospects that have per-qualified themselves.

QR codes will help prospects access information quickly - and they appreciate your efficiency and ability to provide them with information.