• It's a powerful Calendar/Scheduler,
  • It's an amazing Student Services manager,
  • It auto-builds your Services Schedule,
  • It lets you instant-update for missed sessions, then auto-reschedules as appropriate,
  • It Optimizes your time by scheduling services by campus (Itinerant therapists will love this!),
  • It Optimizes therapy activities into groups (Where you've deemed appropriate),
  • It schedules as many therapy sessions early in each grading period, providing room for make-up sessions

Do you provide therapy services in school districts?  SLPs, OTs, PTs, this means you!  If so, you're probably used to the hassles of scheduling your student services around all student schedules.

And because their schedules are continually being changed due to classroom activities and exams, School events, sickness, and any other crazy things that affect your day.  Multiply this by the number of campuses that you serve, and the problem becomes overwhelming. 

If you feel like you spend the majority of your time updating your schedules instead of delivering services, its time you invested in Services Scheduler!

Services Schedule does even more!  It's designed by Therapists, for Therapists. 

The interface is designed to be EASY, EFFECTIVE and HELPFUL.