The School Leader 360 offers users a fast, easy and confidential way to find out exactly what’s on the minds of district peers, employees and constituent groups.

360 Degree Feedback is the leading methodology for gaining valid insight into how your colleagues, School District Administration, Employees, and Constituent Groups feel about your leadership.

The internet-delivered surveys take just minutes to build and administer, resulting in detailed feedback reports that compare the leader’s self-assessment with group responses.

Quick Notes:

  • Subscriber account to develop and/or monitor 360 processes
  • Bank of standard dimensions and descriptors.
  • Option to customize all content.
  • Password-protected self-assessment.
  • User-friendly survey tool for respondents.
  • Multiple response types with point-value rating option.
  • Instant, individualized user reports.

Ready to learn more?

“Participating in the School Leader 360 process far exceeded my expectations. The feedback was the most detailed and helpful survey data that I’ve ever received. I highly recommend the product to any leader who is looking to make strategic and relevant professional improvements.”

Remo Roncone, Principal

Troy High School

Troy, Michigan

“As a District leader, I have spent most of my time thinking about the evaluation of others at the expense of my own professional reflection. School Leader 360 has provided me with authentic feedback from constituents across the District as well as specific examples to target my goals in order to inform my growth and development as a leader.”

Rich Machesky Ed.D.


Troy School District

"As a new superintendent, I was so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Larry on this project. His on-line School Leader 360 feedback tool was extremely valuable as it focused on areas that were meaningful to both me and to people across the district. The survey itself was efficient and easy-to-use which was appreciated by all of those who participated. The reporting of results was also extremely beneficial to me and to our board of education. I look forward to using this tool in the future and I am thankful for Larry's efforts on behalf of our district."

Matt Outlaw, Superintendent

Brandon Community Schools

Ortonville, Michigan

I didn’t realize the full value of self-reflection until I participated in the School Leader 360 assessment. While it was important to hear what my families, colleagues, and supervisors thought about me as an administrator, it was most valuable to stop and see where I have been, where I currently am, and where I would like to be in the future. The feedback was powerful, kind and valid. The anonymity created a “fresh set of eyes” and the conversation with Mr. Lobert helped to put comments into perspective and learn and grow from these truths.

Jo Kwasny, Principal

Boulan Park Middle School

Troy School District

Troy, Michigan

We used the School Leader 360 tool with 22 building and central office administrators in our district, including the Superintendent of Schools. The confidential process, feedback, and reports were universally regarded as extremely helpful by all participants.

Jordan Harris, Assistant Superintendent for Employee Services

Troy Community Schools

Troy, Michigan

“The School Leader 360 was a confidential process that allowed me to see how all of the stakeholders I serve view my performance and abilities in my role as an elementary principal. The feedback was useful to set personal goals and was an affirmation in areas where I’m positively impacting my school’s learning community. I highly recommend the process for personal growth hand reflection.”

Matt Jansen, Principal

Wass Elementary School

Troy School District, MI