Your Mobile-Optimized Sales Presentation Solution

Feeling that your business is a little "dated" when you present your work using printed pictures, presentation books, or sample pages as leave-behinds?  Upgrade to the 21st century with Sales Raptor!

It's a database-driven catalog of your Products and Services, Personnel and more.  With a few clicks, you build a Presentation, custom-built for each prospect.  Designed for Tablets, Phones, PCs and Internet-ready TV's, you provide a compelling and informative custom-tailored Presentation for each client.  This is how to show your prospects how important they really are.
Showcase your company's specialties, expertise and personnel with visual impact.  The instant-access database of products, services, etc. lets you quickly build as many projects as you need for each client.  You can then present in person, email your presentations, or provide printed summaries.
Sales Raptor manages the details, so you have time to build the relationships.

Ever think that there's got to be a better way to present all your sale materials to your prospects?

There is!

Sales Raptor combines a streamlined CMS, databased catalog of your products and services, a dynamic custom presentation builder, and an on-line Customer Portal.

It’s absolutely BRILLIANT.

Your prospects (and soon-to-be-Clients) will have 1 simple, organized place to find every proposal, Brochure, and presentation!  After they purchase, (or before, we really don’t mind) you can upload product manuals, etc. so that they never have to Google around – they can simply go the Portal that You provided to get any ongoing info they need.

SalesRaptor keeps them connected to you for the long-run, making it easier to build an ongoing stream of business and to keep clients connected and in-touch with your services.

What is a Databased Catalogue?  Sounds Geeky …

(We thought you’d never ask …)

All of your products, services, contractors’ services, etc. are actually stored in Sales Raptor.  With Images, info, pricing, everything! 

With a few clicks, your Sales Team can build a “Project” that includes various selected elements, then automatically build a web-optimized presentation, AND a PDF summary document.  Complete with your Logo and Branding!

Now instead of leaving brochures and papers behind, you send digital presentations and EVERYTHING is consolidated into a Custom-Tailored Portal for each Prospect. 

  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based and No IT specialists are needed
  • Images and Video make your Sales Presentation stand out!
  • Build a Prospect and Customer Database
  • Stores images, communications, and Projects in a single, organized place
  • Customer Portal provides great service and builds loyalty
  • All Presentations, Proposals, Change Orders and Product Information on-line for customers
  • Easily communicate and upsell by sending emails to your customers
  • QR codes instantly connect clients to your Products and Services