PutACodeOnIt is Mobile Website software for Business, Marketing and Instant Engagement with Your Clients

Quickly connect with Prospects, Patrons, Tourists, and Students.

even when you're not there! 

Build Stunning Mobile Websites in Minutes!

You need to Connect, Communicate and Engage with people.  PutACodeOnIt makes Easy

PutACodeOnIt is perfect for Visitors and Prospects

Designed for busy people who care about providing a GREAT mobile experience for their users.  You'll present a truly professional mobile experience in just minutes.

PutACodeOnIt is far more than a mobile website builder, it’s a powerful database system that organizes products, services, artwork, etc., into a dynamic mobile presentation.  QR Codes for every item instantly connect users to your information.  There's no fumbling with mobile keyboards and no entering of URLs.  PutACodeOnIt is optimized for Readability, Usability, Speed, and, most importantly, your Creativity.

You’ll quickly engage Prospects, Patrons, Tourists, and Students by sparking their interest and connecting with them via their favorite medium …  their Smartphone! (and Tablets too!)


Packed with features and easy to use, PutACodeOnIt helps you connect with users in new and powerful ways.


Put A Code On Anything! 

In just minutes, you'll be using QR Codes to attract customers, promote your business, and connect with clients.

Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets, PutACodeOnIt increases interest and builds your business quickly.  Instead of fumbling and typing long URLs into their phone, prospects simply scan the QR code and are instantly delivered to your mobile-optimized website.

It's Friendly, Easy-to-Read and Fast.

Put a code on Print Ads, Lawn signs, Business cards, Plant Tags, In-store Signage, Direct mail, Advertisements, TV, … Anywhere!

Quick Response codes (QR codes) have reached worldwide acceptance in a VERY short time, and for good reason.  They provide consumers immediate access to your website - and PutACodeOnIt brings a whole suite of interactive features to ensure that you capture their attention!

Pictures, Video, Audio, Maps, and more- are a Click away via SmartPhone of Tablet!

PutACodeOnIt automatically creates the QR Codes you need -these make it super-simple for users to get to your mobile site with just a click of their smartphone.  No fumbling to type your URL on a dinky phone keyboard, QR Codes bring 1-snap simplicity to your marketing.

QR Codes 101: The Basics

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, they’re similar to the barcodes used by stores to track inventory.  The key difference is that QR codes can share a LOT more information. Like web site URLS!

When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web (and they can activate other phone functions as well) 

The ease that QR codes provide makes them ideal for marketing your products and services. 

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iPhone, Android, Windows ... they all mean one thing to you - clients.  QR codes are the simple solution that connects them to you.

Museums, Zoos, Arboretums & Parks:

Add QR codes to your exhibits.  This way you can present creative information to your visitors.  Use video, pictures, audio and text to improve their experience.  Add quizzes and interaction that will make their experience even more fun and entertaining.

Do you promote learning?  Your content can be driven by the audience - provide schools with age-appropriate lessons.  Work with Triskele Technologies to make learning fun for students, scouts and the community!

Great Ideas for using PutACodeOnIt

Who Scans Codes?

60% are Male
53% are between the ages of 18 and 34
36% have a household income greater than $100k+

And the market is growing at enormous rates!