Nexus means Success for Organizations, Associations, Societies, Unions, Clubs, Guilds, Groups, and Leagues. Whatever your organization is called, Nexus Membership Management software will keep you relevant, relevant, and in touch with your members.

Designed for busy professionals and volunteers, Nexus is a user-friendly website technology that makes it easy to manage: All membership processes (Registration, Dues, Annual Renewals), Event and Calendars, Vendors and Advertising, Broadcast email to members.

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Advertising is a great way to bring money into your organization.  You control the vendors, then sell them banner, window, or other advertising on your site.  The income helps the organization remain strong and vital. 

  • Multiple advertising options. 
  • Perfect for vendors or your own Products & Services
Many organizations provide a Job Posting service for their members.  Triskele allows you to help your memebrs with a dedicated Job Postings section as yet another way to increase your organizations usefulness to your members. 

  • Post Jobs on behalf of your members
  • Position details 
  • Link a PDF document to the Posting
Does your organization have its own products or services to sell?  Triskele Technologies can provide a fully-functional catalog and purchasing system to let you sell your products and services.

(Not included in base product, please talk to us about your needs.)
One of the most successful ways to keep members coming back to your web site.  Triskele makes it easy for you to add, update and revise your site - turning it into a digital newsletter if you wish.

From Presidents letters, to Industry News, to galleries and more - you can do the updates as often as necessary.

Each section of the site can be edited, revised and updated by you. 

Using our simple, yet effective editing tools (very similar to MS-Word), you can add text and graphics to each section. 

  • Designed for non-technical people, yet appreciated by geeks! 
  • Easy upload of images and videos 
  • Access is controlled, so only approved users can update the site.
Provide a full range of services to your members.  Triskele ensures that the membership process – from registration, to dues, to event management is fully automated and user-friendly.

We provide a full range of membership fields and forms, automatic member notices and renewals, all with online payment options
  • Super-easy membership sign-up process
  • membership tracking automates renewals and recurring payment
  • Instantly publish a member directory for public or secure private access
  • Send emails, create a forum, blog, or discussion group to communicate with your members and supporters 
  • Secure logins provide
  • Public and Private areas of your site.
Promote and manage your events and meetings using our event calendar. Featuring online registrations, payment, detailed invoicing, and reporting. 

Schedule your events, then send emails as announcements.
  • Add events and provide online registration options
  • Securely process payments (Paypal) 
  • Use the dynamic event calendar to promote your events and increase attendance 
  • Market your events to increase attendance.  You can notify your membership about upcoming events through website postings, email blasts and on-line notices. Relax as your members manage their own registration and payments.
It’s important to keep your web site current.  The system is designed for your leadership and contributors to provide information and commentary on events and topics that are of importance to your organization. 

  • A blog (a blend of the term web log) is section of a website that is updated with new content from time to time.  
  • Perfect for keeping membership updated on relative issues, sparking discussions, etc. 
  • Send members into the Forum to discuss issues, vote, poll and take surveys at the end of your blog

EverEver try to discuss issues with multiple people via email?  It’s crazy.  It’s disjointed and its difficult to refer to previous emails.  The Triskele Membership Forum lets everyone appropriate participate in an organized, on-line discussion – with every issue organized in a single, easy to comprehend area.

Engage members in a vibrant new way  
  • On-line discussion forums for any topic  
  • Easy to manage  
  • Private and Public areas allows sensitive issues to be discussed with discretion 
  • Polls  
  • Voting  
  • Surveys


Upload pictures to your galleries any time, from  anywhere!  Whether its the latest awards winners, to galas and special events, pictures are a great way of connecting your members. 

When you actively update your galleries, you’ll create a “draw” for your members to visit your web site often – an important tactic to building an active on-line community.

  • Create unlimited photo albums, 
  • Video galleries 
  • Training videos
  • Easily upload files from any internet-enabled device -phones, video cameras, Tablets and computers!

Ready to upgrade how your Organizations manages it's Membership?!  

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