Triskele Technologies has over 20 years of experience with HR technology and business process automation.  We bring our unique level of expertise with numerous software systems, systems integrations, and years of project management, to help businesses and school districts maximize the effectiveness of products that they already own and to evaluate new products they are considering adding.


  • Clients choose Triskele Technologies to assist with the defining of RFP specifications, the drafting of RFPs, the evaluations of RFP responses, and the interviewing and evaluation of prospective vendors.
  • Clients use Triskele Technologies to project manage the integration of multiple systems and to evaluation the efficacy of current systems, software, processes and vendors.
  • Clients turn to Triskele Technologies to serve as intermediaries between themselves and vendors, translating and defining project requirements and objectively determining completion hallmarks.
  • Triskele Technologies works with all your departments to define workflows, business processes, and then defines optimized business processes that utilize all of your products to their fullest extent.  Creating a time and effort-saving, unified system that maximizes all of your investments.

We look forward to working as your advocate.


Additional relevant services:

Optimization of current systems; Forms development, project management, custom software development, project management, and training.