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The Diamond Student Information System

Triskele Technologies worked with Diamond Student Information Systems to bolster their SEO and Marketing.

From Prospect to Graduate, Diamond SIS streamlines every stage of the student life-cycle. If you need a Student Management System designed for the unique complexities of Career Schools, optimized for educators, and admired by CPA’s, then Diamond SIS is the solution for you.

Diamond specializes in compliance and reporting for DOE and your Accrediting agencies, like: ACCSC, ACCET, ACICS, COE, NACCAS, ABHES, BPPE, TEA, and TWC.

Diamond Student Information Systems

We researched and wrote their Blogs, revamped most of the website, and performed SEO to boost rankings.  Within 3 months they went from Page 6 of a Google Search, to #1 for the most common Keyword and Phrase searches.

Triskele Technologies also wrote and Published LinkedIn articles, Performed custom LinkedIn marketing and did additional Social Media Facebook Postings.


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For more information about Diamond SIS, check out their website.