Tablets, Smartphones, PC's and Internet-ready TV's are the medium of today and tomorrow. Triskele has your solutions now!
Designed for busy professionals, SalesRaptor is the SMART way to present your business ideas to clients.
SalesRaptor encourages your prospects to look at your proposals, pulls them into the process and gets them excited about you and your services.
Build instant rapport and consensus with SaleRaptors visual presentations. Plus - it's easier to use and completely eco-friendly!
Connect with your clients with SalesRaptor.
Make a bold, professional impact with Smartphone and tablet-based presentations and websites.
Organizations thrive when they use Nexus, the association management solution!

Welcome to the Future

At Triskele Technologies we provide software, services, and technology that makes your business interesting!

We help flip-turn your message upside-down and focus on what's important, communicating information effectively and in entertaining ways.

From mobile-optimized software development to HR and Business-Operations consulting, to custom-tailored sales and marketing programs, the team at Triskele has the experience and depth you need to revitalize your campaigns.

We help you engage with your customer - whether a prospect, a student, a patron, a tourist - our technology helps you connect with them quickly and effectively.

Triskele Technologies provides mobile software that encourages curiosity, engages users, increases convenience, and has a knack for making your information interesting!

Put A Code On It!

Mobile software for Marketing,Museums and Learning

Advanced Mobile Websites - Made Easy!

! is far more than a powerful mobile website builder.  It's the best way to quickly engage Prospects, Patrons, Tourists, and Students.  Integrate all forms of digital media into Smartphone and Tablet-optimized formats.  Packed with features and easy to use, you'll spark their interest and connect with users instantly.

Designed with special features for:  Resellers, Realtors, Car Dealers, Car shows, Museums, Zoos, Arboretums, Galleries, Tourism and Historical Societies, and especially Schools.  ANYWHERE you want to connect with people, attract customers, get leads, and sell your products.

Need a perfect way to gather leads when you cant be there in person?  Let PutACodeOnIt do the work!  When people scan the QR code, you instantly get an alert when they fill out the send me info form -AND they automatically get the info sent to them - no waiting for you - PutACodeOnIt does all the work!


Ever think that there's got to be a better way to present all your sale materials to prospects?

What about useful ways to keep clients engaged & connected with your company after the sale?

There  is!

Sales Raptor combines a digital catalog of your products and services, a dynamic presentation builder, and a streamlined CMS with an on-line Customer Portal.

Now, instead of leaving brochures and papers behind, you send mobile-optimized digital presentations and EVERYTHING is consolidated into a Custom-Tailored Portal for each Prospect.  Organize ALL your Proposals, Brochures, Presentations, User Manuals, Documentation, ... everything, into a Single, Easy-Access Customer Portal.


Membership Management Software

Nexus provides everything you need to manage, then grow your  organization.  This powerful membership-management system truly revolutionizes how you interact with your members.

Some of the Core Features:

Manage Memberships, Roles, Membership Directories, Calendars and Events, Event Registrations (optional Event and products payment and shopping system), Blogs, News, RSS Feeds, Public and Private Forums, Public and Private Files and Resources, Photo galleries, and much, much, more.

Services Scheduler

Do you provide therapy services in school districts?  If so, you're probably used to the hassles of scheduling your student services around your students schedules.

If you feel like you spend the majority of your time updating your schedules instead of delivering services, its time you invested in Services Scheduler!

Cool Ideas for PutACodeOnIt!

Boredom Reduction!

Instead of just having your guest stand in line, at a fair, your event, etc., Place QR Code plaques along the way.  Provide information, stories, Advertising, Topics to spur conversation among your patrons (Jokes, Quizzes, etc.)

Have a Haunted House this year?

How about adding backstory, character info, scary tidbits, etc. while your patrons stand in line?!

Presenting and Marketing Innovative HR and Business Solutions

The team at Triskele Technologies has a 15+ year history of marketing EdTech and HR solutions to K12, and Higher Education.  From School Districts to Regional Service Centers, State-wide Organizations and the States themselves, the Triskele Technologies members have been instrumental in the design, sale and implementation of some of the most important HR and business process implementations ever initiated.

We currently support and market a number of innovative solutions that provide exceptional solutions to challenges your District, School, University or Business may be experiencing.  Please take a moment to learn more about these great products - you'll be glad you did!

A Few of our Success Stories